Absolute functionality – this feature is the sign of the historical HAENEL brand. The over and under guns and the rifles of the JAEGER series are constructed and manufactured in the same spirit. HAENEL constructs hunting gun for purists in classical quality from Suhl. There are no compromises on the essential parts: The cold hammer forged barrels guarantee highest precision and durability. Because – the result is that what counts.


Haenel expanded its best-selling Jaeger 10 range, and is proud to present the responsive bolt action rifle manufactured in Suhl in an unprecedented variety of models. The hunting rifle with its bolt-action-receiver, its smooth action, cold-hammer-forged barrel and best handling, is now available in seven more versions as a product family: two versions with camouflage surface, two Varmint versions for great accuracy, a timber version in wood class 4, a short tracker and a lightweight Mountain Jaeger 10. In addition an accurate sporting rifle. And: they are all Made in Suhl, Germany. >>

Real experts will appreciate its qualities: the most important feature of a semi-automatic rifle is the quick shooting sequence. Unfortunately, this cannot always be taken for granted with semi-automatic rifles. For this reason, Haenel uses a reloading technology which is well-proven for hunting. This semi-automatic can boast high precision and reliable operation under all conditions. >>

The single-barrel rifle is without doubt one of the finest hunter’s tools around. A single shot – accurately executed – must take out the game when stalking or in the mountains. A particularly responsive variant of this type of gun is the light and elegant Jaeger.9. With its crisp direct trigger with set trigger, this rifle is a precision instrument. >>

The Over and Under Combination with double locks surprises with cold hammer forged, free floating barrels and a low weight for a gun with this equipment … >>

This Break-down rifle was designed for the traditional driven hunt. Double lock hand-cocking system with hard anodised alloy-receiver and functional equipment is optically convincing ... >>