The design is characterised by a relentless focus on its targets: operation, speed, and the best possible handling. The SLB2000+ nonetheless remains a safe gun: the slide safety lock on the tang has a double effect on the hammer and the trigger. Just like the magazine release lever, the safety lock can operated equally well by both right- and left-handed shooters.


With its self-cleaning system, the SLB2000+ guarantees the best possible reliability when shooting. The basis for its excellent shooting performance is provided by the internally manufactured cold-hammer forged barrel and the design of the gas system that has proven itself hundreds of thousands of times.

The principle behind this gas pressure loader has proven itself 100.000 times.

Solid bolt head with 6 lugs.

SLB2000+: proven components for a perfectly functioning system.

Various mounting types (pivot mount or Picatinny) are possible.

Tried-and-tested hundreds of thousands of times: the self-cleaning gas system.

The driven hunt sight as standard.

A fixed 2 shot magazine can be supplied for france.

Magazines for 2, 5 and 10 Rounds are available.


Real experts will appreciate its qualities: the most important feature of a semi-automatic rifle is the quick shooting sequence. Unfortunately, this cannot always be taken for granted with semi-automatic rifles. For this reason, Haenel uses a reloading technology which is well-proven for hunting. This semi-automatic can boast high precision and reliable operation under all conditions.

> Barrel length: 500 mm + 510 mm (Magnum)
> Overall length: 1060 mm + 1070 mm (Magnum)
> Weight: 3,2 kg
> Caliber: .223 Rem.; 7x64; .308 Win.; .30-06; 8x57 IS; 9,3x62;
    Magnum: 7mm Rem. Mag.; .300 Win.Mag
> Magazine capacity: 2, 5, 10, .300 Win.Magnum: nur 2 + 5, only 2 + 5

SEMI AUTOMATIC RIFLE SLB2000+ wood stock with realtree motifs

The SLB2000+ is also available as a camouflage version. The wood stock is printed with realtree motifs.