Bolt action precision rifles RS8 and RS9

With the RS8/9, C.G. Haenel from Suhl offers a marksman-system, which was specially developed for the use by the police and military. The bolt action rifle sets a benchmark in ergonomics and modularity. The rifle can be adjusted to the shooters needs and situation without tools.

The RS8/9-system offers a modern sniper rifle consisting of high functionality and impressing precision. The rifle system RS9 was introduced to the German army as G29, as well as different Special Forces of the German Police.

The developers were using the best available materials and production-technologies – without compromises. C.G. Haenel uses powerful production facilities in Suhl, amongst which is an own barrel production with a cold forging system and all available CNC-technologies. The production-process fulfils the industry norm ISO9001 and NATO-Standards.

RS8 Basic

RS8 Compact

RS8 Subsonic