Jaeger 10 Compact SD

The Jaeger 10 Compact SD consists out of a short suppressor barrel without sights and is fitted with a muzzle thread (M15x1) for an over barrel suppressor. Therefore the Jaeger 10 Suppressor, mounted with a silencer, remains as compact as a conventional Jaeger 10 without an over-barrel suppressor. The suppressor barrel measures 510 mm in length and has a special coating – with the mounted over-barrel suppressor the Jaeger 10 Compact reaches a total length of 1100mm. The short, low vibration 19 mm suppressor-barrel is constructed for minimal hit ratio fluctuations during the shooting with and without silencer.

The suppressor is optional available.


> CALIBER:   .223 Rem., .243 Win., .308 Win., 6,5×55, .30-06, .270 Win., 8x57IS, 7×64, 9,3×62

> LENGTH:   990 mm (without suppressor)  /  approx. 1100 mm (with Merkel suppressor)

> BARREL LENGTH:   510 mm, barrel  Illaflon-coated

> BARREL CONTOUR:    Semi-Weight  /  ∅ 19 mm

> WEIGHT:    approx. 3,0 kg (without silencer)

> SIGHT:    i-Sight system: detachable sights, with muzzle thread (M15x1) and muzzle-cap

> MAGAZINE:    3+1, 4+1 (.223Rem.), possible for an extra charge 10+1 (.308 Win.)

> STOCK:    Synthetic, wood-class 4

> ADDITIONAL FEATURES:    Picatinny-rail