Haenel MK 556 - a fully automatic assault rifle

MK556 assault rifle

The former chief designer Hugo Schmeisser developed and built the first assault rifle at C.G. Haenel in the 1940s. With the civilian CR 223, Haenel is now continuing the long tradition of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. MK556 is a fully automatic assault rifle developed and built in Suhl according to military requirements. High compatibility with the standards of this rifle category and indirect gas drive with adjustable gas take-off for silencer use are just two of the decisive details that speak for the rifle. The MK556 has a cold forged, chrome plated barrel, has been tested in all climates and is OTB (over the beach) certified. The MK556 was the surprise winner price/performance of the first decision to tender for the new 2021 assault rifle for the German armed forces, after the vast majority of bidders in the international tender had withdrawn from the competition.

MK556 features

Lightweight, modular and length-adjustable shoulder rest with height-adjustable cheek rest; compatible with AR 15 Mil-Spec.

Modified AR pressure point trigger. Can be secured in the knocked down state.

All controls can be used on both sides. The fire selector and the safety lever are enlarged.
Standard AR magazine mount – compatible with many commercially available magazines.
Toolless removable handguard with 2 NAR rails top/bottom and two keymod interfaces right/left.
Convertible gas pick-up for silencer operation. Here with a silencer from our Swiss system partner B&T.

Developed for tough use

A rifle system for the army cannot be developed without the army. Operational forces and experienced soldiers from special units helped write the specifications for this unusual weapon. The MK556 strikes a safe balance between compatibility with the AR15 standard and a great many operational improvements.

Always safe to use

With large fingers, gloved hands, from the right or from the left: The ergonomics of the MK556 assault rifle are designed for safe operation from both sides, even under unfavourable operating conditions. Special details such as the height-adjustable cheek piece or the hand guard that can be removed without tools distinguish this assault rifle.

  • Die Haenel MK556 mit ambidextrous controls

MK556 versions

Common areas of use:



Defence / Authorities



MK 556 - the assault rifle system in NATO calibre 5.56 x 45. The fully automatic rifle was specially developed to meet military requirements and is available in various barrel lengths. Characteristic: piston system with adjustable gas release for adjusting to the suppressor.

Haenel MK 556 - a fully automatic assault rifle
Technical Details
Caliber 5,56 x 45 mm
Overall length 10,5“: 696mm – 781mm / 12,5“: 748mm – 812mm / 14,5“: 798mm – 883mm / 16“: 838mm – 923mm
Buttstock modified M4-telescopic-buttstock, adjustable length in 6 stages
Gas-release with adjustable gas-release
Muzzle brake A2 Standard (further options on request)
Barrel length / twist 10,5“: 266mm, 7“ / 12,5“: 318mm, 9“ / 14,5“: 368mm, 9“ / 16“: 408mm, 9“
Handguard Hand guard with two NAR and two KeyMod rails, removable without tools
Weight 10,5“: approx. 3,35 kg / 12,5“: approx. 3,4 kg / 14,5“: approx. 3,5 kg / 16“: approx. 3,6 kg
Trigger Direct trigger with 3.200g weight
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Safety firing pin safety, ambidextrous, 0°/60°/120° or 0°/90°/180°
Sight foldable mechanical sight
Colours sand (similar RAL 8000), black or olive green (RAL 7013) / further colours on request