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C.G. Haenel GmbH develops and manufactures rifles for hunting, sport and authorities within the Suhl Merkel Group. At its core, Haenel is a development specialist, a compact specialist company that repeatedly launches internationally respected firearm concepts. Anyone who, like Haenel, masters the technology range from assault rifle to hunting rifle – and this know-how has been proven to the company by the many tenders won by the authorities and the validity in the civilian market – can “firearm”.

Es ist das kombinierte Wissen der Unternehmensgruppe, ihr Know-how und ihre modernen Fertigungstechnologien, mit denen Haenel bei Behörden, Sportschützen und Jägern punktet. Haenel is always very close to the market and has all the core technologies of gun manufacturing in its group of companies – right up to the cold forging plant for barrel production.

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