JAEGER NXT Composite: Synthetic stock close to made to measure stock

he stock has a decisive influence on the hit. The composite version of the innovative Jaeger NXT straight-pull bolt-action rifle has a dynamic synthetic stock that can be perfectly adapted to the ergonomics of the hunter. This improves the stop and the safe shot. Dynamic means: height-adjustable buttstock at the push of a button, extendable stock and a new type of forearm geometry with injected soft-touch elements. The robust straight-pull bolt-action system with real, safe manual cocking system has proven itself.

The synthetic stock made to fit …

The Jaeger NXT Composite offers a dynamic synthetic stock system with a 3-stage adapting concept. The better the stock fits the shooter, the faster the rifle is on target and the safer the shot. This stock is perfectly matched to the new type of straight-pull bolt-action rifle with its safe manual cocking system. The lightweight rifle has a driven hunt preference where ergonomic qualities are key. But it is also an ideal hunting companion when stalking.

Adjust stock length

The length of the stock is optimized before hunting: Depending on arm length or clothing thickness, optional stock caps are used to shorten the stock by 7 millimeters or lengthen it by 5 millimeters.

The buttstock with the “zoom”

The button on the right side releases the detent, the cheekpiece extends spring-assisted. The advantage is an optimally positioned cheekpiece: the target is aimed faster, the hunter can take his chances.

Forearm for a good grip

No matter where the shooter intuitively grips, the forearm provides optimal support for all hand sizes to draw the rifle to the crook of the shoulder. Soft touch inserts for the palms provide a secure grip.

Patented innovation: The straight pull repeater with torsion lock

Straight pull bolt action rifles are the premium solution for driven hunts. They convince through ergonomics and speed. With a new locking and manual clamping system, Haenel has opened up a new category in this premium world: the torsion lock automatically twists the cylinder in the sleeve. It is based on the principle of the bevel gear. Simple, fast, robust – and yet unrivalled security, because at its core is a tried and tested cylinder lock with locking lugs.

1: The kickdown bolt handle moves the cylinder linearly and locks at the same time the bolts in the barrel.

2: In the front third of the push range, the bolt handle then puts the system under tension, making it ready to fi re – a real hand-cocking system, not a fingercocking system.

Safe handling

The chamber lock slide differentiates with three positions between the safe unloading position, where the system is de-cocked (left), the firing position in the middle and a safety position (right) for rifle travel which blocks the bolt handle.

Sights according to need

The standard i-Sight system adapts the muzzle to hunting use. The options: With open sights, without sights and with M15x1 thread for silencer or muzzle brake. The ideal match: the Haenel JGR suppressor from B&T.


Let us show and explain the JAEGER NXT to you – in the video we explain the fascination and the technology of the innovative straight puller.

JAEGER NXT features

Muzzle thread M 15×1 and removable sights as standard. The i-Sight sight is optimal for use with silencers, muzzle brakes and attachments.

Cold forged Suhl precision barrel. In .308 Win.or .30-06 Spring.

Optimized for dynamic retraction – with soft-touch elements.

Universal base mounting: Simple and repeatable mounting of the target optics thanks to milled grooves.

Kickdown chamber handle: The kickdown chamber handle is also the manual tensioner (by pushing forward in the last third). The bolt handle can be locked for stalking and handling.

Extendable at the touch of a button: the height-adjustable cheekpiece always matches the sight line.

Stock length can be adjusted without tools by different length butt caps.


Common areas of use:



Defence / Authorities

JAEGER NXT Composite


Straight pull hunting repeater with dynamic composite stock – close to custom stock fit through triple adjustable ergonomics. Fast torsion lock with kickdown manual cocking device that combines bolt action and true hand cocking in one lever.

Technical Details
Calibre (Twist) .30-06 Spring. (11,0") / .308 Win. (12,0") / .300 Win. Mag. (11,0")
Overall length 1045 mm (Standard) / 1135 mm (Magnum)
Barrel length 520 mm (Standard) / 610 mm (Magnum)
Barrel diameter ∅ 18 mm
Weight approx. 3,1 kg
Sight i-Sight system: detachable sights, with muzzle thread (M15x1) and muzzle-cap
Magazine capacity 5-round plug-in magazine with patented magazine catch
Stock Composite shaft with interchangeable shaft caps, continuously extendable shaft back and integrated soft-touch inserts.
Additional features Picatinny-rail / Green Barrel: optimised for lead-free ammunition (.308 Win.)