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The semi-automatic rifles of the Haenel CR series have quickly become very popular with sport shooters. Sure, because what is good for many police forces and authorities can only be right for sport shooters. The leading CR models from Haenel are ideal sporting rifles for the dynamic course competitions of the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). They are available in four calibre variants with different barrel lengths and with many interfaces, which are of course compatible with commercially available M16 attachments. This allows the shooter to adapt his or her weapon ideally to his or her needs, handling and habits. An important detail: the in-house barrel production in Suhl produces cold-forged precision barrels – ideal for sporting demands as well.

The precision rifles of the Haenel RS series are also very popular for sporting long range shooting. The products have been introduced as sniper rifles for special units of the police and the Bundeswehr – and can also be used for sporting/civilian purposes.

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Haenel Sport product overview

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