News from Haenel

LR/ONE precision rifle

New bolt action rifle in .308 Win.: German manufacturer lowers the entry threshold for precision rifles by almost half …

Novelty: Semi-automatic rifle HMR308

The "Marksman" is a semi-automatic rifle in the AR10 class – a premium product for sport shooting. The HMR is designed for shooting while lying down as well as shooting while moving.

Novelty: LR/ONE precision bolt-action

The entry-level class in precision shooting redefined: The previous price threshold for entry into the Haenel long-range world is almost halved because the rifle is based entirely on the company's new bolt-action chassis.

New: JAEGER NXT COMPOSITE now available

The composite version of the innovative Jaeger NXT straight-pull bolt-action rifle has a dynamic synthetic stock that can be perfectly adapted to the ergonomics of the hunter.

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