Semi-automatic HMR308 “Marksman”

The “Marksman” is a semi-automatic rifle in the AR10 class – a premium product for sport shooting. The HMR is designed for shooting while lying down as well as shooting while moving. The classic .308 Win. precision caliber is a perfect match, as are the new buttstock and the new precision trigger.

HMR308 features

Cold hammer forged Haenel 16.65” barrel (twist 12″) with muzzle thread M 15×1 and flash hider with QD suppressor mount. Haenel silencers are matched to the switchable throttle control of the HMR.

Handguard with two NAR and two M-Lok rails, removable without tools.

10-round magazine. Magazine mount compatible with commercially available M4 magazines.

The side-loading lever also allows shooting in a prone position.

Precision trigger with match characteristics. Trigger pull length and weight are adjustable (1,200 to 2,000 grams).

Telescopic Haenel AR buttstock (+/- 8 cm) with tool-less adjustable cheek piece and height adjustable cap.

Marksman: Stay agile, shoot precisely

Instead of the central loading lever at the top of the receiver, the rifle has a side loading lever on the left. This gives the shooter an ergonomic advantage when handling: long-range shooting often takes place while lying down – and this arrangement makes this possible.

Semi-automatic rifle with long-range qualities

The core of the HMR come from the proven Haenel CR semi-automatic rifles, which are inherently highly accurate. A new weapon was developed on this basis, which extends the range of applications of the tried-and-tested system. Shooting in all positions and prone is also possible at distances.

Easy to handle

The new loading lever is located on the left side instead of on the upper part of the housing. The rifle has a trigger safety with downstream firing pin safety.

No tools required

The slide-in buttstock is easy to adjust. The long cheek rest also supports prone shooting.

On point

The Haenel precision trigger with match characteristics has an adjustable trigger pull length and an adjustable trigger pull weight of 1,200 to 2,000 grams.

HMR Versions

Common areas of use:



Defence / Authorities

HMR308 "Marksman"


The "Marksman" is the premium model among the Haenel semi-automatic rifles. It was designed for universal use and features the new precision trigger with match characteristics and a crystal-clear pressure point.

Technical Details
Caliber 7,62 x 51 mm (Civil: .308 Win.)
Barrel length / twist 16,65“: 423mm, 12“
Overall length 16,65“: 901mm – 984mm
Buttstock Haenel AR-buttstock with adjustable cheek rest and height-adjustable shoulder rest.
Muzzle brake A2 standard with QD suppressor mount
Handguard Hand guard with two NAR and two M-Lok rails, removable without tools
Weight approx. 4,5kg
Trigger Haenel precision trigger: Pressure point trigger, adjustable trigger weight (1,200 to 2,000 gr.), adjustable length of travel
Magazine capacity 10 rounds
Safety ambidextrous safety lever, 0°/60°
Colours black