At the start with the best material

The Haenel CR also has many friends among sport shooters. The successful Frankonia Shooting Team (Steven Kummer, Arne Lentz, Jörg Haben and Nils Nothnagel), for example, has chosen a competition version of the Haenel CR233 as its sporting equipment for entry into the IPSC disciplines. The optics for the CR223 come from Steiner, the Swiss silencer and interface specialist B&T helps with the adaptation of ergonomics and suppressor, EAW contributes the mounts for the target optics and Sellier & Bellot the ammunition. The picture shows Nils Nothnagel trying out the new competition rifle for the first time.

Target focus

In dynamic shooting IPSC, it is not only precision that counts, but also a lot of intuition. For this, the rifle must be optimally adapted to the athlete. The CR223 can be equipped very individually due to its high compatibility with AR15 standards. The handling of the self-loading rifles – so tuned – passes into the muscle memory of the athletes over time – the rest is purely a matter of the head.

Down to the details

Nils Nothnagel of the Frankonia Shooting Team dismantling the competition CR223 at the Suhl factory. The same applies to top athletes: they not only have to know how to handle the sports equipment, but also what it can do. The best way to do this is to familiarise yourself with all the details.

Interview with the Frankonia Shooting Team

Arne Lentz