C.G. Haenel: Future meets Tradition

Innovative rifle concepts from the old gun town of Suhl: C.G. Haenel has been a specialist in firearms since 1840 – for hunting and for authorities. The range for authorities today includes the successful series of CR semi-automatic rifles and the RS precision rifle system – both of which may also be used for sporting purposes. In addition, there is the current MK assault rifle system, with which Haenel – the inventor of the assault rifle in the last century – has once again set standards. For hunting, C.G. Haenel offers the JAEGER 10 universal repeater and the new JAEGER NXT straight pull repeater. Welcome to the world of Haenel!

The world of Haenel

Redefines the entry-level class in precision shooting

Haenel LR/ONE →

The synthetic stock approaches the dimensional stock


The semi-automatic rifle for precision shooters

Haenel HMR308 →

Voll kompatibel zu den Basics: Die Haenel CR223

The semi-automatic rifle for sporting and hunting shooting

Haenel CR Series →

Rifles especially (but not only) for female hunters!

Haenel ­JAEGER DS Series →

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Assault rifle for military use

Haenel MK556 →

Statement on Hunting and Nature – by C.G. Haenel

Haenel – Back to the woods →

Long-range precision rifle system

Haenel HLR series →

News from Haenel


Novelty: Semi-automatic rifle HMR308


Novelty: LR/ONE precision bolt-action


New: JAEGER NXT COMPOSITE now available

More news from Haenel

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Tradition since 1840 – with a future

C. G. Haenel is one of the old and traditional gun manufacturers in Suhl. The town in the Thuringian Forest has been considered the European centre of handgun manufacturing since the Thirty Years’ War. The Haenel brand is one of the few remaining industrial manufacturers of large-calibre hunting and sporting rifles as well as precision and assault rifles for the military and authorities. Haenel is also the general importer of B&T products from Switzerland. B&T is Haenel’s system partner for silencers and weapon specialities.

Haenel has a long tradition in Suhl: the royal Prussian rifle factory commissioner Carl Gottlieb Haenel came to Suhl with his idea of industrial weapons production. Since 1840, rifles have been developed and manufactured here under the Haenel brand. The Haenel arrow has always stood for novel functional, design and manufacturing principles, for precision and robustness. The brand also made history in the process: The world’s first assault rifle, the Sturmgewehr 44, was penned by the then co-owner and chief designer Hugo Schmeisser. Haenel thus founded a new category of firearms.

Today Haenel manufactures in a modern factory on the Suhl Friedberg in the Merkel Group. In-house development and in-house production with two barrel forging lines make production very flexible. The Haenel rifles of the modern era also convince with a pragmatic, functional approach. Nevertheless, they do not conceal their origins in the great weapons city of Suhl. The love of classic gunsmithing, intelligent details and innovations is in every product. Haenel rifles are modern, but not fashionable. Sober, but not soulless. Functional, of the highest quality – and safe. And they carry the Suhl genes in them …

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