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C.G. Haenel offers a rounded product range for use by the police, military and authorities: from sniper rifles and CR semi-automatic rifles to the MK556 assault rifle. These include weapons and weapons systems that have won international government tenders. Many of them have been introduced to German state police forces or to special units of the German armed forces.

C.G. Haenel develops customized product solutions based on the respective system platform to meet the demands of these customers. It is not uncommon for the emergency services to be involved in the development process, contributing themselves, their practical experience and their specific needs. Added to this is our function as general importer of our system partner B&T from Switzerland, which is famous for its silencer solutions – this is put together to form an “all from one source” package including service, warranty and documentation.

The world of Haenel Defence

Fully automatic assault rifle for military use

Haenel MK556 →

Semi-automatic rifles for use by authorities and police units

Haenel CR Series →

The semi-automatic rifle for precision shooters

Haenel HMR308 →

Distributors of Haenel Defence

Dealers and importers →

Long-range precision rifle system

Haenel HLR series →

Scharfschützengewehr-System RS8 RS9

Precision rifle system for snipers

Haenel RS series →

Silencers and gun specialties

B&T products distributed by Haenel →

News from Haenel


Novelty: Semi-automatic rifle HMR308


Statement: Patent related recall of the HAENEL CR223 rifles manufactured in the period of January 2014 to May 2018


11. June 2021: Bundeswehr assault rifle – statement on the tender procedure

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