Facility with tradition – and know-how

The C.G. Haenel GmbH develops, produces and distributes high quality hunting, sporting and law enforcement weapons – originating in the old gun maker’s town Suhl, rich in tradition, into the whole world. Suhl can refer to the expertise of excellent engineers, weapon technicians and gunsmiths – and on staff that carries weapon-engineering in their genes and memes.

The Suhl Company was founded in the year 1840 by the Prussian commissioner for firearms manufacturing Carl Gottlieb Haenel. Since the 16th century, located at the gate of the Thuringian forest, firearms were produced. C.G. Haenel is therefore in one line with a century old tradition of gunsmiths, manufacturing- and industrial companies in the region. The historical brand represented technological high-end weapon systems, mainly for the military, which were closely linked to the designs of the weapon developer Hugo Schmeisser. Many semi- and fully automatic weapons originated from C.G. Haenel and from Schmeisser, who was co-owner and general manager of the company. One of the developments of Schmeisser at C.G. Haenel is the machine carbine 44, the first machine gun in the world.

Over the years of the GDR until today weapons are produced in Suhl under the quality brand C.G. Haenel – again since 2008 an independent company. The company today is part of the Merkel group which in turn is a part of the Tawazun Holding (UAE).

The historical Haenel-Logo
Haenel Suhl
The old forge in Suhl – the first company building. Source: Wikipedia
Haenel Defence is the partner of Gemeinschaft Deutscher Kommandosoldaten
C.G. HAENEL GmbH supports the Soldatenhilfswerk der Bundeswehr e.V.

Fields of competence in weapon engineering

Hunting- and sporting weapons, precision- and fully automatic weapons, as well as their derivate for sport-police shooting belong to the product portfolio of Haenel. The development, production of proto types and testing takes place at the company. Key components such as barrels, closures or lock bolts are produced under the highest quality standards within the company. This also creates attractiveness for intermediate products at the international weapons industry: Cold forged rifle and shotgun barrels are produced in large quantities for other manufacturers. This again has tradition, due to the fact that Haenel exclusively produced, as part of collaboration, barrels for the Kalashnikov machine gun of the GDR-people’s army and befriended states – including the hard chrome plating.

C.G. Haenel is delivering Special Forces of the police and the German army. The police and armies from NATO-partners receive their weapons from C.G. Haenel. Many won tenders conducted with complex competition- and audit procedures show, that research- and development, engineering and serial production in Suhl satisfy the highest claims and international standards.

With police, special forces and military:
C. G. Haenel products are developed for and together with specialists

Sophisticated production engineering

High quality firearms require a challenging and partly specific production engineering. The machinery at C.G. Haenel consists of deep hole drilling machines, honing machines, CNC forging machines and CNC lathes, multi-axle milling centres as well as wire- and sinker eroding machines. Furthermore the company uses very special production methods, such as the metal injection moulding, a sinter process for parts, with a complex geometry. The modern machinery and the highly developed engineering in the company guaranty supreme size accuracy, precision and surface finishes. For hunters and marksman shooters this provides handling and shooting security in particular as well as many years of pleasure with a high-quality firearm. And for users in the police, law enforcement and military entities, functional and secure weapons are provided.

Own barrel production: C.G. Haenel posseses cold forging machines.
Best quality: conforming production and elaborated quality assurance systems.

Standards and Quality

Documented quality starts with a certificate of the quality management by ISO 9001, and audits on a regular basis which C.G. Haenel conducts together with TÜV Süd. Furthermore a Computer Aided Quality Assurance System (CAQ-System) for the planning of inspection tasks, incoming goods inspection with sampling, supplier evaluation, administration of test equipment and calibrating is installed. The spectrum of measurement methods ranges from the mechanical and optical audit of size accuracy to dynamic measurements of cadences and muzzle velocities. This required the company to build up a large pool for measurement devices, that is inspected by a certificated test laboratory.

Another criterion for the quality, especially in the area of law enforcement, is the production by NATO quality standards AQAP-2110. Thereby C.G. Haenel fulfils a further documentation- and quality standard of those all customer groups profit.

In addition, since 2006 a sub place of the state proof house of Suhl is located within the plant. Here the proof shooting by the state officials can be conducted directly under the supervision of the commission – as well as the quality office of the German army. On the company premises a special chamber for overpressure firing is located alongside the shooting ranges of 100, 75 and 50 meters, as well as a test shooting range.

Components- and silencer solutions

Because of the increasing demand of silencers in the law enforcement area, C.G. Haenel entered a strategical cooperation with the company B&T AG in Switzerland. This cooperation especially exists in the mutual component-delivery of barrels, flash hiders, muzzle brakes, signature dampeners, silencers and attachment parts. As a result C.G. Haenel can offer suitable products, in the area of silencing, for the own quality weapons to its customers.

B&T suppressor and accessories on a RS9.