Haenel HLR bolt action rifle:
“Out of the box” principle for long-range shooting without experimentation

The Haenel HLR is a new precision bolt action rifle from Haenel that combines superior long-range qualities with a modular concept and a significant weight reduction compared to the authoritative RS class from C.G. Haenel. A rifle that meets the needs of sport shooters – but also the demands of professionals.

Precision shooting at long- and extreme long-ranges is the supreme discipline. For shooters with long-range ambitions, there are two ways to fulfill the dream of their own precision rifle at a manageable cost: The first is to convert and set up a standard rifle with accessory components or from a manufacturer ex works so that it can be used to shoot at long ranges. The problem is that what initially appears to be inexpensive becomes more expensive and, above all, more complex with each adaptation. And if at some point the rifle no longer shoots accurately, this can have many obscure causes. The Haenel HLR, on the other hand, is ready for long-range shooting “out of the box”.

All HLR models have an adjustable two-stage trigger with a trigger pull weight of 10 to 20 N (equivalent to approximately 1.0 to 2.0 kg). A 3-stage firing pin safety prevents accidental firing. The HLR is supplied with a 10-round magazine. The handguard around the barrel offers multiple mounting options via Picatinny rail and M-LOK interfaces. The cold forged match barrel with 22 millimeters diameter is manufactured by Haenel itself and has an M18x1.5 muzzle thread for muzzle brake and/or silencer.

Manageable, lighter, tool-free

The HLR is reminiscent of the RS8 and RS9 rifle systems in its design and tool-free handling. However, clever product management has made it possible to save around one kilogram in weight. On this unerring basis, almost any customization request of the shooter can be met, so that rifle and man can form a perfect symbiosis even when shooting at long distances.

Differences between HLR Basic and Pro

Two variants and several calibers are available. Basic and Pro differ mainly in the stock:

The HLR Basic has the length-adjustable stock with adjustable cheek rest, which creates ideal ergonomic conditions for a safe stop. It is compatible with AR-15 class buttstocks. The HLR Basic is available in the calibers
.308 Win. (600 mm barrel length with 12″ twist)
6.5 Creedmoor (600 mm barrel length with 8″ twist) and in
.338 Lapua Magnum (690 mm barrel length with 10″ twist).

The HLR Pro, on the other hand, features the folding stock of the RS8/9, which can be quickly and easily adjusted in height and length without tools. This variant is also equipped with a muzzle brake as standard. The HLR Pro’s caliber selection includes:
.308 Win. (600 mm barrel length with 12″ twist) and
.338 Lapua Magnum (690 mm barrel length with 10″ twist).

Basic and Pro are each also offered as a leading compact version in .308 Win. caliber with 510 mm short barrel and 12″ twist.

You can find more pictures in the download. Photos: Haenel – Alexander Ahrenhold