Hunting rifles made in Suhl – by HAENEL

C.G. Haenel stands for a well-rounded range of large-calibre hunting and sporting rifles, as well as precision rifles and machine guns for law enforcement and the military. The company can refer to a long tradition: The Royal Prussian Rifle Factory inspector Carl Gottlieb Haenel came to Suhl with his idea of industrial rifle production – rifles have been produced here under the Haenel brand since 1840. The Haenel arrow soon came to stand for new-style construction and production principles, precision and robustness. Modern Haenel rifles also convince through a pragmatic, functional approach, yet do not conceal their origin from the gun capital Suhl, its love of classical gun making and intelligent details and innovations. Haenel rifles are modern but not fashionable. Prosaic, but not soulless. Functional, of the highest quality and safe.

HAENEL Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter

Bolt action rifle Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter

HAENEL Jaeger 9

Single shot rifle Jaeger 9


Haenel i-Sight System

C.G. Haenel offers a simple solution with the i-Sight to have a barrel with a muzzle thread and open sights (offering all possibilities).

Jaeger 10 Creedmoor

Long-range shooting is fascinating hunters as well as sport shooters. Therefore C.G. Haenel added the long distance calibre 6,5 Creedmoor to the Jaeger 10 calibre range.

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